ORYZUX米肽皇 (1Box x 15 sachet)

RM 298.00

Rice peptide is extracted from natural edible rice protein, which was refined by modern biological engineering complex enzyme gradient cutting technology which allows 100% rapid cell absorption.


Rice Peptide has 100% dissolution rate and good in whitening and moisturizing skin care effect.


Amazing Effect:

  1. Anti-oxidation
  2. Reducing wrinkles and dryness
  3. Lower cholesterol level
  4. Prevent weight gain
  5. Restore hair density and elasticity

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ORYZUX is a small-molecule polypeptide material obtained from protein powder produced from non-GM rice and by directing enzymolysis and special small-peptide separation techniques. Collagen, a well-known beauty ingredient, is made from amino acids

In terms of amino acid composition, the amino acid composition of the rice protein is parallel to the amino acid composition of rice protein. It is rich in histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, protein, phenylalanine, serine, tryptophan, and so on.

In other words, the amount of collagen in the body determines the young, tight, and smooth skin. Complement peptide makes people 10 - 20 years younger, delay aging!

Skin Collagen Changes

  1. 20 years old: skin is crystal clear, smooth and pink
  2. 40 years old: peak period of loss, tired skin, dull and dull
  3. 60 years old: sagging and sagging skin, spots appear

The Three Characteristics of the ORYZUX:

  1. Rapid Absorption
  2. The core component is a small-molecule rice peptide with a molecular weight of 500 DA, which can be absorbed quickly and efficiently without the need for multiple digestive decompositions of normal protein powder

  3. The Nutrient
  4. Sufficient peptide component is the smallest unit in which the cell performs various physiological functions. The peptide component can be used directly as a cellular functional substance to perform the basic physiological function of the human body.

  5. Safe to Drink
  6. Small molecular active peptides refined from rice retain the pure natural properties of the raw material, without hormones, carbohydrates, and lipids, and without increasing the cell burden

Who needs peptide?

  • ⦁ Long-term medication
  • ⦁ Physical weakness, flu, poor immunity, frequent illness
  • ⦁ Anaemia, blood loss
  • ⦁ Scalds, burns, fatigue, diet
  • ⦁ Acute arthritis/ulcers
  • ⦁ Constipation, young children
  • ⦁ Elderly, athletes, malnutrition
  • ⦁ Digestive system diseases
  • ⦁ Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases
  • ⦁ Respiratory system diseases
  • ⦁ Endocrine system diseases
  • ⦁ Mild liver, hypertension
  • ⦁ Hyperlipidaemia, diabetes
  • ⦁ Rheumatism, arthritis
  • ⦁ Wound healing
  • ⦁ Leukemia
  • ⦁ Patient recovery period
  • ⦁ People looking for healthy
  • ⦁ Reverse aging, Longevity
  • ⦁ Mentally stressed
  • ⦁ People who rarely exercise

The 13 Ultimate Effects of ORYZUX

  1. Anti-aging, enhance skin elasticity
  2. Whitening and lightening skin pigmentation
  3. Restore hair density and elasticity
  4. Repair cell function
  5. Strengthen muscles and reshape body
  6. Lowering blood lipids and cholesterol
  7. Improve sleep quality
  8. Enhance and restore memory
  9. Enhance physical fitness and eliminate fatigue
  10. Promote fat and energy metabolism
  11. Prevent osteoporosis
  12. Resolve sensitive and persistent eczema
  13. Regulate the endocrine and nervous system

How to Consume?

  1. Recommended 1-2 times a day, 2g each time
  2. Take it with room temperature water (drink with empty stomach for best result)
  3. Do not drink with tea or coffee at the same time (one hour apart)
  4. Drinking alone with water is more effective.

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