VITRUX, a company jointly established by multi groups of experts. With a unique business model that integrates four main core sectors into one, which is biotechnology, e-commerce, digital marketing media, and education sector. VITRUX is dedicated in creating a new form of business culture and global business platform, not only bringing people the extraordinary benefits of sustainable income, but also generating quality and healthy life for everyone.

 To build a globally integrated health platform, VITRUX is committed to used natural and nutritional formula, cutting-edge life technology, and stringent quality management. Providing people with the highest quality health products and the most scientific health management that can be consumed with peace of mind and confidence.

VITRUX always upholds our corporate core values of ‘firm belief-resolute action-persistence in learning’, Committed to the in-depth research and development of biological peptides, maintaining advanced technology advantages in the industry, continuous expanding awareness in the domestic market and creating a business opportunity to the international market, VITRUX will continue to strives to create a benchmark in the peptide industry.


We provide hope, share care, and give altruism to help everyone live the healthiest and most fulfilling life.


Our core values are integrity, care, safety, innovation and excellence.


To become the first professional health brand, we value the trust of customers and important partners. Hope to create a healthy, happy and grateful new future with customers.